Make Umeshu

What we can use the plums that are used to make Umeshu to do

The plums in Umeshu are delicious, so you can eat them directly.

And there are some other ways to enjoy the plums too, such as using the plums to make dishes, jams, and snacks. 

This blog will tell you what we can use the plums that are used to make Umeshu to do?

  • How to use the plums in Umeshu

 Instead of throwing away the plums in Umeshu, you can use them in a variety of dishes!

  • Cook with fish or meat

Did you know that simmering fish or meat with umeboshi removes the smell ? 

The umeboshi used here does not have to be fresh or salted. The plums in Umeshu are suitable to cook with fish or meat too.

By simmering plums with fish or meat, the odor is removed and the finish is refreshing . You can also use chopped plums for Umeshu as a topping.

  • Substitute for dried fruit

When making sweets such as pound cakes and cookies, using dried fruits will improve the flavor. 

In this way, plums in Umeshu can be used as a substitute for dried fruits in making sweets. 

By using finely chopped plums for Umeshu, the usual sweets have a fragrant and elegant taste. By the way, cakes and cookies evaporate alcohol when heated, so they should be relatively easy for children and pregnant women to eat.

  • Put the chopped stuff in the cake

The finely chopped plums of Umeshu are baked in a cake to create a moist and luxurious taste.

Some households use rum when making cakes, but if you have plums which are used to make Umeshu, try using it too.

It doesn’t leave as much aroma as rum, but the alcohol evaporates and leaves only the good aroma of plums, giving it a refreshing taste. We recommend enjoying this kind of cake with coffee, black tea or Japanese tea.

  • The plums which are paste can be used for sweets

You can use them as a paste to make sweets.

When making a paste, put the plums and water together in a pot and bring to a boil. This will allow the alcohol to evaporate.

We recommend using the paste-like plums for jelly and ice cream. You can also make flavorful juice by mixing it with carbonated water.

  • Grind them up and put them in sake

Grind or make a paste of plums and freeze them in an ice tray to store them as an alternative to ice. 

Once frozen, they can be used as ice for drinking liquor. Also, if you mix them with water or hot water, you can enjoy them like an herb cordial .

  • Recommended Umeshu Plum Recipe
  • Meal—Boiled chicken with Umeshu Plums

Umeshu plums are also excellent with chicken! Season the chicken thighs in advance. 

Next, place the food materials in a small pot or saucepan, and place over medium heat, and cover with a drop lid.

Boil until the liquid is reduced while turning it over, and it is completed. 

By adding Umeshu plums, you can enjoy a sweet yet refreshing flavor. 

  • Dessert—Plum Cupcake

By adding Umeshu plums to the usual cupcakes and pancakes, you can enjoy a moist and authentic taste. By adding chopped plums of Umeshu to the dough, the moment you eat it, the sweet and sour scent spreads softly. 

Lightly applying Umeshu to the surface lecithin enhance the aroma.

  • Snack—Plum Jam

Roughly chop the plums taken out of Umeshu and boil them in sugar and water.

Once it’s cooked, mash it with a hand blender until it’s smooth. Even plums that don’t keep for a long time can be enjoyed by processing them into jam.

 It seems that you can change the flavor with Western liquor and lemon juice during the simmering process.

There are more recipes about Umeshu plums. You can find them on the Internet.

Let’s try to cook delicious meals, desserts and snacks with the plums used to make Umeshu!

About Umeshu Lovers

Made with the finest ume plums from Japan, Umeshu is an apéritif with a sweet-sour flavour.  

Known commonly as “Japanese Plum Wine”, Umeshu is among the most well-known alcoholic beverages in Japan and is slowly gaining popularity worldwide.  

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