Drink Umeshu

Staff column – Our best way of drinking Umeshu

The members of “Umeshu Lovers” also like drinking Umeshu.But for different members, the best way of drinking Umeshu is different too. 

This blog is a staff column and we will tell you which way of drinking Umeshu our staff likes.

  • Staff A:not usually drink liquor, 

               a beginner to taste Umeshu

Staff A doesn’t drink liquor usually and is a beginner to taste Umeshu, so she likes a special way to enjoy Umeshu—Umeshu with vanilla ice cream.

It is a method of pouring a small amount of Umeshu into vanilla ice cream and eating it.

Staff a said that It’s more of a way to eat than a way to drink, but this way is very suitable for beginners to taste umeshu because it just has a small amount.

  • Staff B:like drinking in the bar,

    is easy to have a terrible hangover.

Because staff B likes drinking in the bar, he is afraid of being drunk outside.So he likes drinking Umeshu with soda. 

It is an effective way to prevent yourself from getting drunk.And he said that if you want to enjoy Umeshu slowly and don’t want to have a terrible hangover the next day, you should try to drink it with soda.

  • Staff C:like hot drinking more     than cold drinking

For Staff C, the best way of drinking Umeshu is to add hot water or tea in Umeshu.

She said that she likes the scent of Umeshu which is spreaded by mixing Umeshu with hot water or tea.

And she has two keys to make hot delicious Umeshu. One is to add hot water or tea first and then add Umeshu. This way helps hot water or tea mix with Umeshu naturally. 

The other one is that you had better not use hot water or tea which the temperature is too high.Because if the temperature of the hot water or tea is too high, the alcohol in Umeshu will evaporate. She recommends using hot water or tea around 70 degrees.

  • Staff D: can drink a lot

                     fan of Umeshu

Staff D always can drink a lot and is a fan of Umeshu,so she likes to drink straight Umeshu or mix Umeshu with ice.

She said that drinking straight Umeshu is the purest drinking experience because chilled umeshu can be enjoyed straight up so that the flavors are not diluted by melting ice.

And she also likes drinking Umeshu with ice because she can enjoy the taste that changes as the ice melts. But she recommends adding a large piece of ice.A large piece of ice will melt slowly,so Umeshu will not be too diluted.

Do you have the same reason and the same way of drinking Umeshu you like best with our members?

Or do you get any ideas about drinking Umeshu from our members’ situations?

About Umeshu Lovers

Made with the finest ume plums from Japan, Umeshu is an apéritif with a sweet-sour flavour.  

Known commonly as “Japanese Plum Wine”, Umeshu is among the most well-known alcoholic beverages in Japan and is slowly gaining popularity worldwide.  

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