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How to enjoy your Umeshu longer

Are you worried about the expiry date of Umeshu?

Do you know how to store Umeshu?

This blog will tell you the correct way to store Umeshu and let you enjoy your Umeshu longer.

  • The expiry date of Umeshu

In general, Umeshu which is made by yourself does not have an expiry date if you use the right way to make it and store it.

But some Umeshu which are sold in supermarkets are different from Umeshu which are made by yourself.You may find that some store-bought Umeshu have short best before dates.

The reason is that store-bought Umeshu has a low alcohol percentage, and many of them contain food additives.This means that once you open the bottle or carton, its flavor will deteriorate quickly.So Umeshu makers use a short “best before” date to encourage buyers to drink their Umeshu quickly before the taste changes.

The expiry date of Umeshu in paper packs is 6 to 10 months after opening.And the expiry date of bottled Umeshu is 1 to 2 years after opening.But these expiry dates do not suit all Umeshu.But you should remember that the lower the alcohol content, the shorter the shelf life.

  • The Correct ways to store Umeshu

Umeshu deteriorates when it comes into contact with air. It might become less flavourful, or the fruity aroma might gradually disappear. The lower its alcohol percentage, the faster it will deteriorate.

Therefore, you must be more careful of the opened Umeshu than the unopened Umeshu.

  • How to store unopened Umeshu

“Unopened Umeshu is suitable for long-term storage” doesn’t mean that unopened Umeshu can be stored in any condition.

Unopened Umeshu undergoes chemical changes as well, just not in the same way as opened Umeshu. 

 If you want to keep your unopened Umeshu for a long time, the best way to protect its flavors is to keep it in a cool, dark place away from sunlight and heat sources.

Also, even if your Umeshu is stored in a cool dark place, if you want to enjoy the same flavor as when it was manufactured, we recommend drinking it within about two years.

This is because after two years, it becomes easier to feel the change in flavor due to aging.If you want to try the different taste of Umeshu, you can drink it even after 2 years.

  • How to make opened Umeshu last longer

After you open a bottle or carton of Umeshu, it’s best to store it in the refrigerator. The cold temperatures will slow down the rate of deterioration and keep it tasting fresh longer.

And if you’re not confident that you’ll be able to drink your carton of Umeshu all in a short period of time, such as three to six months, we recommend that you use a glass bottle to store your Umeshu because a glass bottle is more suitable for long-term storage.

Bottled Umeshu is sealed with a tight lid preventing air from flowing through. Carton Umeshu, like cartons of milk, don’t have a proper lid; air can pass in and out of the carton freely and cause Umeshu to oxidize.

Even so, we recommend consuming carton Umeshu within 6 months, and bottled Umeshu within 1 year.


If you are making Umeshu by yourself, do not keep it in the refrigerator. 

The reason is that the temperature is too low and does not change in the refrigerator, and the ventilation is not good.  This kind of environment makes your Umeshu be hard to ripen.

You can store it in your basement, or inspire a cupboard.

How were these ways of storing Umeshu we introduced?

It is a pity that your Umeshu goes bad because of the wrong way of storing.

By paying attention to the ways of storing Umeshu, we hope you can enjoy your Umeshu longer.

About Umeshu Lovers

Made with the finest ume plums from Japan, Umeshu is an apéritif with a sweet-sour flavour.  

Known commonly as “Japanese Plum Wine”, Umeshu is among the most well-known alcoholic beverages in Japan and is slowly gaining popularity worldwide.  

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