Enjoy Umeshu

Delicious recipes using umeshu soaked plums

Re-using the umeshu plums to make some tasty treats

Your umeshu, the plum wine, is all ready for consuming. The plums in your plum wine are packed with healthy nutrients and taste just as delicious as the umeshu. You could take the plums out and eat them as is, add some seasonings if you prefer, or even use them to make some tasty treats. In this manner, nothing goes to waste and you get all the nutrition and taste from those juicy plums in the umeshu.

Here are some recipe suggestions for re-using the plums in your umeshu.

Plum Jam

This plum jam requires just four simple ingredients and is very easy to make. Pick out the plums from your umeshu and remove the seeds. Take a pan and add the plums with some sugar to it. Simmer till you get a thick jammy mixture. Take it off the heat, add some lemon juice, and mix it in. Transfer the jam into the storage bottle and allow it to cool. Remember that the jam gets thicker on cooling, so ensure you turn off the heat at a slightly thinner consistency than desired. Enjoy your jam with bread, toast, yogurt, or even pancakes!

Umeshu Jelly

Move over orange and raspberry jellies – a new delicious jelly is here – the umeshu jelly. First take the plums in your umeshu along with some umeshu, a little water, and some sugar in a pan and warm it. Take care to ensure it doesn’t boil. Turn off the heat and add some gelatin. Pour into your jelly bowl and refrigerate. Whether you use whole plums or chop them into pieces for this recipe, they are simply delicious.

Boiled Sardines in Umeshu

Clean and prepare your sardines for the dish. Take the sardines, the plums from your umeshu, some soy sauce, some sugar, some sweet sake, and liquor in a pan and cook them together. The sardines cook in the alcohol with the plums, giving it a divine flavor. The alcohol burns out leaving behind a beautiful glaze. You can add in some salt and your favorite seasonings to adjust the flavor of this dish and serve it with umeshu on the side.

Word of caution – remember the plums in umeshu contain alcohol. So, unless they are cooked well, children and people with low alcohol tolerance should avoid the plums or dishes cooked with these plums. However, you can use the plums in your umeshu for a lot of other delicacies like pies, cakes, etc. You can even pair it with other fruits in your dishes. And if you do not want to make elaborate dishes, simply take a luscious bite of the plum! 

About Umeshu Lovers

Made with the finest ume plums from Japan, Umeshu is an apéritif with a sweet-sour flavour.  

Known commonly as “Japanese Plum Wine”, Umeshu is among the most well-known alcoholic beverages in Japan and is slowly gaining popularity worldwide.  

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