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Choosing the right glass to serve umeshu

Yes, you heard that right. When serving umeshu, you need to be mindful of the glass you choose to serve it in since the type of glass would impact the taste, aroma, and the overall experience of having umeshu. Just like different glasses are used to serve wine, whiskey, champagne, brandy, and other drinks, there are different types of glass you can serve umeshu. The type of glass you choose not only reflects your style and taste, but would also affect the consumer’s perception of the umeshu they are having.

Here are the best styles of glasses to serve umeshu.

The classic Tsugaru Vidro

The Tsugaru Vidro is a type of glass crafted by skilled Tsugaru craftsmen. They are usually available in colorful hues. The mouthpiece of the Tsugaru Vidro is thick and robust. This type of glass works best to serve chilled umeshu or umeshu on the rocks.

The small Jibun Time

If you choose to have umeshu while you relax and rewind at home, say with a book, or watching a movie, or in the garden; the small, cute, Jibun Time glass would be the perfect choice for you. This glass is specifically intended for umeshu with a typical design of plums on it. 

The elegant tumbler with gold etching

Tumblers with unique gold etching patterns on their surface have a classy, elegant appeal to them. They signify luxury and richness. Serving umeshu in these tumblers not just showcases your taste and style, it would also enhance the experience of having the umeshu in them. 

The hand twisted glasses

Made from traditional Mino ware, these hand-twisted glasses used for umeshu represent the warmth and strength of earth. They bring out the nuances of taste, and the delicate aroma of umeshu beautifully. They are rustic and quite chic.

The narrow mouth discerning glasses

These glasses are specially for the pros who like to swirl, sniff, and observe their umeshu before and during drinking. The glasses are shaped in such a way that while it brings out the delicate notes in the aroma of the umeshu, it also gives you a good look at the drink.

The balloon glass

These glasses look similar to the balloon glasses used to serve wine. They are ideal for serving umeshu on the rocks or chilled. The stem of the glass prevents the warmth of your hands from affecting the temperature of the umeshu. The bulb of the glass enhances umeshu’s aroma, and the narrow mouth ensures your mouth doesn’t come in direct contact with the ice in the drink.

These are the six best glasses we recommend for umeshu. The key is to use something that would give the consumer the best possible experience, and enjoy the delicious taste and refreshing aroma of the umeshu. 

About Umeshu Lovers

Made with the finest ume plums from Japan, Umeshu is an apéritif with a sweet-sour flavour.  

Known commonly as “Japanese Plum Wine”, Umeshu is among the most well-known alcoholic beverages in Japan and is slowly gaining popularity worldwide.  

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